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Turn Your Abode Into A Green Home With These Ideas

The trend, nowadays, is to be environmental-friendly and to make these actions sustainable. Today, businesses are not the only ones that are making a green move towards sustainability. In fact, even residential homes are making a move to match businesses. Although the said move requires a tough job to do, achieving this goal is not an impossible goal. Of course, it will require you to spend a little but you should treat these as investments that, eventually, will pay off in time. Below are some ideas that you can do to improve your home and thus, make it a sustainable green home.


Make sure that the lighting that you have are all LED bulbs. Unlike other lighting systems such as halogen and traditional bulbs, the LED bulbs are certified for its energy efficiency and long-lasting quality. It has been proven that LED bulbs emit less heat and are eco-friendlier. Also, it does not contain any toxic materials. Although LED bulbs may cost a little more expensive than halogen and traditional bulbs, you can save roughly 70% more energy if you use LED bulbs. Its estimated useful life also lasts for 25,000 hours. The installation will not be a problem as it is easy to install. 


You may wonder how in the world can roofing reduce your energy consumption but believe it or not, it can. The installation of reflective roofing allows your roofing to deflect the light and heat emitted by the sun away from your home. Apart from reducing your energy consumption, it also helps in maintaining a stable and consistent temperature inside your house. More than that, this is also beneficial for the roof itself as too much heat can only damage your roof, which compels you to replace it sooner or later. Although the installation may be a little difficult to work on, it will pay off once you feel the benefits of reflective roofing.


Similar to any other machine, your HVAC unit also needs periodic check-ups and maintenance. This will prevent the sudden breakdown of your HVAC unit and ensure that it always runs smoothly. Furthermore, you should consider improving your HVAC unit by upgrading the fan and the heat pump so the air will circulate more inside the house. You should also find a more efficient furnace or boiler so energy consumption can be controlled. In case you find these upgrades confusing, you can contact your HVAC unit provider like Alpha Air to help you with the details.

Windows and Doors

Upgrade and replace your windows and doors to reduce the heat loss or gain that you have during winter and summer, respectively. Replace your windows with thermally insulated ones with silicon- or foam-based seals to ensure energy efficiency.

Reinforce your window frames to prevent sagging over long periods of time. For the doors, if you want a wooden one, go for the hardwood cores. If it’s going to be steel or fiberglass doors, make sure that you have a thermal break. Through this, you can save up to 40% more energy.

Strive for a greener home with these home improvement tips! Save more without harming the environment!

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