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Ways To Spruce Up Your Home And Give It A Fresh Look

Has your home started to look all faded and old? Do you feel like it’s lost it’s fresh look? Well, that just means it is high time to make some changes around the place. While you are freshening up your home, you could also add or remove a few items, change around the furniture or even give your home a new fresh coat of paint in a whole new color. If you have been wanting to create more open spaces in your home to add to that fresh look, this would be that opportunity to do so. All you will need to do is some careful planning before you jump right in and you should be fine. The reason for this is to ensure that you actually have a proper vision for what you want your place to look like after giving it good spruce up. Read on through for some ideas on how you can get this done.

Add Vibrancy To Your Home With New Colors

Have your walls been painted the same color over and over again over the years? Has it started to look so blended in and have no effect on you? Well, you can use your opportunity of changing your home to change the color scheme of the place as well.  Hire a residential painting services in Geelong or anywhere close to you and get them to give your whole place a good paint wash. Choose some colors that are vibrant but don’t over do it with neon or too bright colors that hurt your eyes. Choose contrasting colors but within a limit. Say for example, you could have 3 out of your 4 walls painted white and make one wall a contrasting color such as a deep magenta or a blue that would really stand out and give the whole place some vibrancy.

De-Clutter All Your Old Stuff

Another way to open up your home and make it feel more comfortable to you and anyone you have over is to first get rid of all that junk you have been hoarding. This includes any unnecessary furniture, paintings, pictures, ornaments, etc. Basically anything that doesn’t really have a place in your home but you have tried your best to give it a place will need to go. Only keep the things that are of definite use such as your sofa or dining table. Once you have successfully decluttered, then you can start adding little items that bring out the look of your home. It’s a good idea to purchase some new ones to really give the place a whole new fresh look.

Install Some Good Quality Lighting

Another way to really give your place a bright fresh look and feel is to get some good quality lighting. There is absolutely nothing worse than having the perfect home with all the good furniture and everything but has terrible lighting. Opt for warmer lights that soothe the eyes of the people residing in it, this yellow warm light also adds a sense of warmth to your place and really gives it a new look and feel.

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