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Unique and Creative Ways in To Use A Curtain

The typical curtain hooks and rods are useful for most people since they provide a convenient way in hanging your curtain. However, there are still plenty of ways to style your curtain in a creative way. Make every room in your home look special with these curtain decorating techniques.

Use to Create Private Spaces

There is no doubt that curtains can be used to add some privacy to an area. You can use it the usual way, hanging it on windows to give your home a little privacy. You can use it as a room divider to create small quiet spaces where you can relax. Try using it on your home’s reading corner for a cosy and comfy feel. Rather than bulky divider boards, a curtain is more interesting and unique to be used.

Spice Up Your Table

Are you bored of the usual look of your table? Why not use your favourite curtain as a tablecloth instead? Some of them just look perfect to be a table runner or a tablecloth, depending on its texture and print. Unleash those creativity and tweak up your new tablecloth to save a few bucks instead of buying a new one.

Add a Comfy Feel

A curtain surely adds a comfy feel to any room, especially when used over beds and headboards. Canopy beds are lovely and you can create your very own using your favourite curtain. Simply hang them stylishly over the headboard of your bed and see how it turns your bedroom into a cosy one. If you have lightweight or sheer curtain at hand, try using it as a ceiling curtain. It adds a touch of whimsy to any room, whether yours or your daughter’s.

Use as Concealment

Instead of the usual cupboard and shelf doors and covers, a curtain is an affordable yet stylish way of covering up these storage spaces. Rather than installing cabinets, simply add shelves and use a curtain to conceal them. Now, you have a wonderful way of hiding all those clutter and mess.

Beautify Pet Spaces

If you have a dog kennel somewhere and you’re tired of its look, try tweaking your pet’s home with a curtain. Place it over and around the kennel without covering the front area so your pet will have their own cosy space. Plus, it also looks more stylish than the usual metallic dog kennel.


If you’re fond of throwing parties at home, then you surely need something to be used as a background or backdrop to match the theme of the event. This is another amazing purpose of a curtain. Pick a colour or design that suits the motif of the party and simply hang the curtain on dull, blank spaces that needs a splash of colour.

Aside from being used on windows, there are still plenty of uses for a curtain. You may even try and experiment on other creative ways to utilize them rather than keeping them in storage for too long.

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