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Taking Care of Your Favourite Tree

Trees are important aspects of every home. They could provide shade and cool air with addition to maintaining the level of humidity that is around the surrounding. Trees could also mean that you probably have some fruit harvesting around some time of the year if you’ve planted those seasonal fruit-bearing trees that is. A lot could be done around it, for example you’d want to have a picnic with the family outside, you can set it under the shade, which could also mean that those trees you have has a emotional significance with it. Some parents even build forts and tree house on it. It is a lovely part of the home nevertheless home owners are still in need to maintain such. For  if you don’t take the responsibility of taking care of it, it might grow the wrong way towards your house which may damage the property, or it might wither and die, which is by the way an ugly sight to see if you have a dead tree in your yard. Other people even transport a whole tree just to have a dead plant replaced especially if the tree is a very prominent aspect of the property.

Trees like any other plant; you’d have to maintain it. And if you do not have the extra time to do so, you can hire people to do it. Almost every city anywhere in the world offers such services; from Canada to Australia companies have emerged to serve these types of facility. Tree lopping Brisbane and even Indonesia has services like tree removals to lopping in their directories.  

But how or notably, when should you lop your tree?

Physical Appearance

You can look at your tree for its physical appearance, any discoloration of the leaves or rotten branches might be a sign that your tree must be pruned. In order for the tree to be healthy some branches and parts of it must be cut off so that the nutrients from the main branch is focused on the parts that are advised to be grown and another thing, if rotten or infested parts of the trees are cut off there is a chance to save the whole tree from being rotten down to the roots.

Season to Prune

The best time to lop is during summer. This is generally the best time of the season to prune some branches because the weather is stable and humidity is kept at a low level because of the summer heat, thus keeping the tree healthy and it has more chances of re-growing healthier parts and, according to some studies, could promote to yield more fruits or blossom more flowers in the certain parts of the tree.

Take care of your trees because they are as much as a part of the home as a pet is, it holds memories and also it serves its aesthetic functions around the vicinity of the home and in some cases,  it promotes health for the people around it.


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