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How To Become An Established Plumber In Australia?

The trade of plumbing has become one of the more desired trades in the country, as it boasts of the ideal wage to live a satisfactory life, along with great flexibility that allows anyone to balance their work-life situation. However, the journey to becoming a qualified plumber is not an easy one in that many qualifications, along with great experience plays an important role, which takes around four years for any individual to fully complete. The journey may sound quite complex at first, however, it really is not that complex when it is broken down. 


One of the first things that any aspiring plumber should go through is the process of obtaining the Certificate III in Plumbing, which is a course that can be done in a number of trade schools around the country. This too, however, takes a while in obtaining, as a general course would take around three to four years to complete. Specialised courses may differ in completion time; however, all of them roughly take the same time to complete. Obtaining the certificate is what takes most of the bulk on the journey towards becoming a qualified electrician.

Apprenticeship and License

Often during the course of studying of the certificate, many aspiring plumbers apply for an apprenticeship, which allows them to gain that all needed experience to perform those important tasks of pipe works, gas appliances and other water systems. The experience combined is what enables the prospective plumber to apply for a license, which in turn allows him/her to practice the trade. Obtaining the license generally differs from the requirements of each state, as some states may require both, education and experience, while some may give more prominence to one of the two. For this it is best to know the prevailing requirements of the state you live in


Once obtaining the necessary licenses, one could then practice the trade of plumbing with no problem. However, if you are a passionate individual who is keen on specialising on gaining more experience and specialising in a particular area of the trade, then obtaining the Diploma in Plumbing and Services is your best option, as it is known throughout to be one of the highest qualifications for the trade out there. Making it all the more enticing is the fact that it is possible to obtain the qualification, while practicing your trade to the best of your abilities.

Be Your Own Boss or Work with A Firm

Often after finishing apprenticeship and the certificate course, you have the choice of working on your own, which in turn allows you to build up your rapport. Working with a construction company, allows you to be more secure in that work will be abundant, however, may not get the name you would obtain while working on your own. In other words, working on your own may make you popular among the people that it is possible to become the best ‘find your local plumber’ in your particular stomping ground. Regardless of who you choose to work for, one thing that is guaranteed is great satisfaction and appreciation to the work you do.’

More often than not, plumbers may be taken for granted in many ways, as many might look at it as menial work, however, a closer look into the process of becoming a licensed plumber and you might think otherwise. This is because it takes years to become a master of the trade.

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