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Common Renovation Mistakes New Homeowners Need To Avoid

If you finally bought yourself a house, then congratulations! This is definitely one of the biggest and most well-thought investments you’ll be making throughout your life because you’ll be constantly and, at times unknowingly, upping its value. But before we go on that journey, here are some common renovation mistakes new homeowners tend to make when considering upgrading or designing their house.

Starting Too Soon

Unless you have a wicked housing sense (which we highly doubt is possible), there’s no way you know ALL the strengths and weaknesses of your house without first living in it for a little while. So if possible, this should be your first move, because it will teach you where the sunlight hits, which way the rain slants or where the choke points are etc. It will, beyond a doubt, make your renovation plans more foolproof and compact and you can make the best of your house’s ability.


Of course one of the next things you’ll work on is your budget. When figuring out your costs, remember that the costs and timings of the jobs will always be more than what you expect. There always tend to be unforeseeable errors or a change of mind that needs to be factored in. Whatever you calculated your budget to be, add 20% to it so that you aren’t caught by surprise for any unplanned event. If you don’t have enough money, then set back the project because you don’t want to be stuck halfway through.

A Designer

Don’t ignore the fact that designers make all the difference between an average home and a stunning one. If you want your home to look like those in the magazines or what you see online, then see to it from the get-go and hire an interior designer. Living in a house that doesn’t live up to your expectations or money’s worth can affect your mental state. Remember, a good designer needs to fit your needs and ideas. They’ll ask you a lot of questions about your lifestyle, your vision and use it to create the perfect home for you. If your designer doesn’t do this, then he isn’t the right one for you.

The Lawn

Many homeowners tend to neglect the lawn when it comes to their house’s renovations. This is an imperative part of the process because it’s the first impression you give your guests. Contact synthetic grass installers Sydney for an alternative to high-maintenance gardens. It will look just as good (if not, better) but won’t cost you a cent in maintenance in the long run!


Most homeowners forget to ask the general contractors for references. These are people you’re trusting to handle your home with. You need to know how skilled and adept they are at their job and you can’t just take their word for it. Ask them for previous client references and go and check the places out, if possible. This will give you a good idea on whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

Making Changes

Only the most foolish of homeowners will make changes every step the way. Give yourself a deadline to make any changes and try and stick to it for the most part because every slightest change will cost you countless dollars that could have been saved up.

These are the most common mistakes you’ll find homeowners making so avoid them at all costs!


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