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Choose the Right Kind of Blinds for the Right Room

Whether you are decorating your own place for the first time or planning to redecorate your house, is important to pay attention to each and every room separately. All the rooms cannot be decorated the same way and this is why when it comes to choosing dressing for your windows, it sometimes need to differ from room to room. Take a look at the following tips to see what kind of window decoration fits in each room of your house.


Bedrooms are places where you need to secure your privacy and block out the natural lights from outside sometimes. Therefore, something like sheer curtains would not go well in a bedroom. Instead try choosing something such as blackout blinds that can block the harshness of sunlight during the day time. Blackout curtains, or vertical blinds that help you to control the light from outside would be good choices. Some other types you can choose include Roman or Austrian blinds. These types come in different colours and designs so try checking out a place such as Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds for different choices.

Living Room

Unlike your bedroom, the living room is somewhere you need to let natural light in, in order to create a friendly and pleasant space. If you are going for a more contemporary look you can choose a style such as the venetians. They help you to use natural light during the day time while still protecting you from the harsher glares of sunlight. Styles such as channel blinds or blackout shades will also help you to utilize maximum natural light and keep the living room lit up and in good mood. You can also try using roller blinds in order to add a lighter look to your room.


For the kitchen, while it is important to choose a style that will help you to control the light when you are working, it is also important to make sure the type you choose can be cleaned easily as this will be one of the messiest and busiest places in the house.  Faux wood Venetian or aluminium venetians are some of the best choices. These are especially best for windows above the sink as they are completely waterproof and don’t get distorted in the heat. Roller blinds are also a good choice but make sure they are polyester so they won’t get soaked if you spill something accidently. Also it is better to ensure the material you choose are flame retardant.


Just like the bedroom you need to consider about your privacy first when choosing the right type but there is no need to pay special attention to choose a type that blocks light. Since the bathroom a humid and wet area you need to make sure you choose something that resist heat and moisture and easy to operate with wet hands. Similar to the kitchen you can choose venetians as they usually come in PVC or aluminium. Don’t go for anything that is made of wood but if you want to stick to an eco-friendly theme try using bamboo.

Consider the purpose of each room before you choose the right kind of window dressing for them. The design, type as well the as the material it is made of should be given attention before you purchase.

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