Gift Ideas For People Who Love Gardening

Don’t worry, no gift is a wrong one, it’s the thought that counts. That’s certainly true, but that doesn’t mean your special someone wouldn’t love, or use your gift on everyday occasions. They could just toss it on the side, forgetting about it, especially if they have a deep love affair with another certain hobby or activity. Obviously, this passion is quite a bit on their mind. And for an avid gardener? gardening is always on their mind. You need to use that to your advantage and get your garden-loving family or friend something that’ll help further their craft. You don’t have to buy something expensive, don’t worry, you could get along with little to no money.

Hopefully, this article will help you with your gift sorting ideas.

Whip Out The Paint, We’re Crafting!

Although not all plants are potted, pots are essential to every gardener. That’s why your loved one could do with some brand-new pots. However, just giving them a plain old’ ceramic pot would be lackluster and I don’t think they’ll really enjoy it. Yeah, it’ll be functional, but that’s boring.

You should whip out your acrylic paints and draw out something special on the pot especially for your loved one. This is a great idea as it shows personality and a sense of caring. If you’re feeling extra special, print out pictures of you two, or of shared memories, and plaster it onto the ceramic surface.

Well, It’s Time For Some Signs

Make them gardening signs. This is my personal favorite as it takes the least effort but allows the recipient to still know how much you care for them. Make note of the plants they own, get a block of wood and fill it in with the plant’s name. You can also  add in little quotes to make it more individualized.

Give Them A Care Kit!

Yes, this may the most expensive option out of the bunch, but personally, is the most heartwarming.

Get yourself a basket and fill it up with various little goodies that any gardener would love, such as different sizedhose fittings, spades, gloves, pots, and seeds. Make sure to wrap the little gift basket up nicely, preferably with cellophane on the top, then ribbons crisscrossing throughout.

I Guess It’s Not All About The Pots

Are their potted plants just lying around the vicinity? That’s no fun. You can easily fix that if you decide to buy a plant stand.

Plant stands add for a decorated feel and give a more lavish look than just laying your pots about. This is a great gift for inside or outside. It acts to elevate in both settings. However, make sure to pick up a plant stand that would fit the size of pots your family or loved one has. If the pots don’t fit, that would be such a shame!

I know your garden loving friend will love your gift. If they were me, I know I certainly would.

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