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Jazz Up Your Home and Create a Modern Look!

Nowadays, most homes are designed to have a modern take. One of the most defining traits of this design is that it shies away from the traditional interior design norms and concepts, and presents a 1950s look. Although the house does not entirely look like a 1950s version, today’s modern houses incorporate certain 1950s elements such as lighting, openness, and details. To know more about these, read on the items below.


A modern home loves good lighting. However, it does not mean that you will be incurring a high electricity rate because of your reliance on the lighting, but the modern look encourages the incorporation of natural light. This could be made possible through glass windows and skylights. Although some claim that it ruins the privacy, you can use translucent glass to protect your privacy. The most important thing is that light enters the house – the rooms, bathroom, kitchen, and other areas – to project a relaxed ambiance.


The colors that you will choose play a crucial role in what your house should look like. To achieve a modern look, you should stick to neutral colors of white, black, gray, and brown. These colors look great for the lights and the floor. Although you might argue that a house filled with neutral colors would be dull, the modern design encourages you to play with textures and patterns. Be mindful though since a sleek and clean look is required for a modern house.


Although the modern design is inspired by the 1950 houses, it encourages the use of new materials that have lesser lines; thereby displaying a cleaner look. This general rule is followed in all aspects of the house including the floor. In the aspect, gorgeous finishes such as hardwoods are advisable. It could come from either natural or organic materials depending on your preference. Just be sure to purchase high quality flooring in Geelong to make sure it lasts long. Add accent by placing area rugs to smoothly break the space.


Details, details, details. The bulk of the modern look is its details. Expect that this aspect will be tedious but hey, that’s how the modern house goes. Every item comes differently, rather than it being taken collectively. The handcrafted pieces, the railing pattern, and the lighting design – all of these contribute to making your house look simple yet distinct. Take note that nowadays, houses are more personalized.


A modern look calls for openness, which can be best embodied in if you incorporate an open floor plan. This design incorporates different sections of your house – mostly the living area, kitchen, and dining table. It provides a certain level of comfortability and warmth; however, you will need to plan this carefully as one wrong move can result in a privacy violation and messed up interiors. Remember that doing this require that you seamlessly integrate the sections not only in a physical sense, but also in a visual sense. Despite the challenge of accomplishing this, this unified design will surely complete the look of your modern house.

Let your creativity flow by creating a simple but more distinct modern house.

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