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Few Ways to Brighten Up Your Living Room and Still Maintain a Minimalistic Look

The living room in a house can easily become the busiest place or the most used place of the house excluding the kitchen of course. This is because, the living room tends to be one of those places that the whole family gathers in, and this could be during afternoons or basically any time of the day. If you have a TV in your living room then it will get used more often than if it didn’t have one.

The living room of your house is also the primary place in which you entertain all your guests – for the most part at least. You can see how the living soon can easily become the centre point of your home and making sure that the living room is properly decorated and properly maintained in such a way that it makes anyone coming over to simply everyone living in the house comfortable, then you have been successful.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do in building a house and in turn the living room is to have it in a place that is shut away from light. By light I mean natural light; there is absolutely no artificial light source that can beat the look and feel that natural light brings to your home; not to mention the amount of electricity you can save during the day time if you can make use of the natural light to keep everything bright at home.

If you are worried about too much sunlight – because, let’s be honest, sometimes too much sunlight can seriously make a place too hot too soon – then you can get some stylish blinds. Places like windo have an amazing selection to choose from to match your needs, you can easily choose one that will match your current living room and have it installed. This way if it gets too hot or too sunny you can also control the amount of light you let into your home.

The point though is that you use natural light as a source of light instead of a bulb.

Prevent Crowding Your Living Space

Another way to make sure the living space remains a place where anyone in the house including any guests feel relaxed and calmer is to make sure to get light furniture. What I mean by light furniture is that furniture that isn’t too out-there. A simple couch of a single solid colour would be much more aesthetic than a massive one with many colours and prints. It would also be easier on the eyes and in turn makes any person feel much more at ease.

Reduce the Amount of Stuff in the Living Space

This is kind of obvious when trying to maintain a minimalistic look for your living space; having less stuff makes the place less crowded and more open. In openness there is a sense of calm and freedom. It’s always a good idea to get rid of all that unnecessary items in your house, especially in your living room. Start de-cluttering by trying to determine which of the stuff you own should you really keep and what stuff can be thrown out

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