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The Benefits of Concrete Cladding Panels

Nowadays concrete cladding panels are gaining popularity for a number of good reasons, especially in the commercial construction space. In this article, we explore what benefits concrete cladding brings to the table as opposed to other types of siding.

What Exactly Are Concrete Cladding Panels?

Before we get to the pros, let’s get some clarity on what these are. Simply put, they’re panels that are made of concrete which are put against either the exterior or interior walls of a building. People clad their buildings for a number of reasons, ranging from improved aesthetics to better durability. Let’s look at why a lot of people favour concrete panels for this job:

The Benefits

They add Durability

If your home is made of wood, then you’re probably well aware of the issues already. For starters, wood isn’t all that durable. In freeze thaw climates, wood can expand and contract a lot, leading to cracking and weakening of structure. Furthermore, wood obviously fares poorly against fire and can easily attract termites if not properly cared for.

Concrete panels on the other hand are extremely durable. They’re pretty much weather-resistant and aren’t affected by fire. Concrete, being a bad conductor of heat, can withstand fire for up to six hours. Hence concrete panels can be considered safe cladding systems.

They’re Flexible

Want your cladding to have a unique pattern or texture? What about a distinct colour or finish? Concrete is a very flexible material because you can do all of the above quite easily.

They’re Inexpensive

Compared to other types of cladding like wood or metal, concrete is fairly inexpensive to purchase and install. But that’s not all! Since concrete is a very durable material the cost of maintenance is quite low too. Plus, they last a really long time too so most of the time you don’t have to have them replaced for a couple of decades.

As a result, you’ll save a ton of money by choosing concrete cladding over other materials.

They’re Low Maintenance

Not only is the cost of maintenance low but there’s hardly any upkeep involved. In most cases, you just have to perform some light cleaning to keep the cladding free from dirt and grime. You can reduce the amount of work needed further by adding a layer of sealer over the cladding. A sealer covers the pores on the concrete surface with a chemical barrier, which in turn prevents water from settling in.

They’re Great for Insulation

Interior concrete cladding can help you keep the temperature of the room constant. This is because concrete does not conduct heat and so helps to retain it. As a result, you’ll need to use your heater less during colder months, leading to massive power bill savings.

They’re Easy to Work With

Concrete cladding panels are so easy to work with that you could probably install them yourself, especially if you’ve got some prior DIY experience. By putting them up yourself, you can save a lot of money on contractor fees.

And there you have it – six benefits of choosing concrete panels for cladding.

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