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5 Tips for Organizing Your Belongings for a House Moving

Moving houses is tough. It’s not only a lot of work, but it’s also emotionally taxing. However, everyone knows that the toughest part of moving is organizing and packing up your belongings. These 5 tips will help you a great deal with this task…

Skip the Garbage Bags…Opt For the Skip Bins

If you’re a seasoned home mover, then grabbing a few garbage bags for the throw out items might be your to-go strategy. If you’re a novice at it, this is surely something that’s recommended to you; after all, you don’t want to take all your rubbish to your new home. However, we suggest opting for skip bins instead. Garbage bags means you’ll have to keep all the throw out items lying around in bags until bin day. Opting for a skip bin means your garbage will be taken care of by the professionals. We recommend 3M skip bin Geelong for this.

Adopt the 1-Year Rule

This rule is simple; if you haven’t worn or used an item in over a year, chances are that you might not miss it all that much if you get rid of it. While it’s true that there are exceptions for this rule, it works pretty well for clothing items. Remember to divide your clothing items into category first, so that you know exactly what you have, before applying this rule.

Consider Donating Or Selling the Items You “Feel Bad” Throwing Out – Shoes, Bags, Books

We all know that when it comes to organizing our belongings, you need to divide them into “to keep” and “to throw” piles. However, some throwing out some items might just break our hearts. It may be insanely expensive items that have lost their use to us, items that are almost new but no longer useful to us, or even items that have some sort of significant meaning to us. In a moment like this, remember that you have another option; which is to donate or sell second-hand those items. Most items can be sold quite easily online nowadays…if not, you can always have a yard sale…!

Don’t Get Lost In the Rabbit Hole of Memories

One of the hardest parts of organizing your belongings is finding items you haven’t seen in a while…and then getting lost in the memories that that item holds. If you have a particular shelf or area of your home which you know has such items, keep that for the last. This way, you’ll find yourself wasting less time. Better yet, have a friend or family member see to this task with you, so that they can remind you of the ticking clock before you get sucked down into the rabbit hole of memories.

Make Sure Your Boxes Are All Clearly Marked, With a List of Things within It on the Side

Finally, make sure you make your life easier for you by marking all packaging boxes clearly. This will be an immense help when you’re unpacking once you move to your new home. Make a note of which room this box needs to be in once you move to your new home, and have a list of items containing in it on the side so that you don’t have to dig through all boxes to find one item during those first few days of the move. Additionally, make sure you properly line all boxes that contain fragile items so that even a rough transport wouldn’t harm the items the boxes hold. It’s also vital to mark these items as fragile, as well as the up side.

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