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6 Common Bathroom Problems You Need to Fix

Each house has its fair share of issues that rises up through the years but your bathroom can be one of the most problematic areas in the house. If you don’t stay on top of its issues and do everything you can to minimize them, you’ll find yourself dealing with more than just the occasional leaky faucet. Here’s everything you need to know about the most common bathroom problems you’re bound to run into:


It stands to reason that since you’re dealing with a lot of water in this room, humidity and moisture will definitely remain in the atmosphere- if there’s too much moisture accumulating in the room it’ll take on the form of a residual drip on certain surfaces or even show as stains on the wall. This means that you definitely need to improve your ventilation.


So, yet another thing that could come about due to improper ventilation is mould. While these make your walls look rather unseemly with its uneven spotting, it’s also quite a hazard. Mould can take its toll on your respiratory system and also bring about allergic reactions. If you leave this for too late, you may find yourself spending unnecessary dollars in removal so as soon as you notice the signs of poor ventilation and mould, make sure to hire professional help.


Leaky showerheads and faucets can be the most persistent of bathroom-related peaks. Not only does that insistent drip add to the moisture problems you have, it means you have to stay on top of cleaning duties and also be prepared to pay for this excess water spillage in your bills! It might be time to consider new fixtures but if your problem persists, consider hiring an expert plumber in Sunshine to sort it out.

Clogged Drains

The likelihood of our drains getting clogged or slowing down are all too high given the amount of debris and hair that goes down it in a day. You can easily settle the matter, however, by flushing your drain with hot water or other drainage products. If this is a bit of a persistent clog, you might have to fish around or take apart your pipes to get the debris out.

Running Toilet

Once again having a running toilet is something that will really affect your expenses but luckily there’s usually a simple solution to this problem. Take a look at your tank- is the flapper chain stuck? Or does your water remain too high for the float? If not, your last resort would have to be replacing the chain.

Weak Water Pressure

Sometimes you just want the water from your shower to hit you with some force so you actually feel yourself getting cleaned. Weak water pressure can be quite unsatisfying to deal with but you can fix it by replacing the showerhead or investing in a descaling solution to fight any limescale build-up.

These are some of the most common problems you’re going to encounter in the bathroom. Keep an eye out for them as they occur- most of these issues can lead to severe wastage and unnecessary expenses if you leave them as they are.  

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