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7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior can give off a killer first impression if you do things right. This is what guests will first notice about your house, it’s what gives your home a lot more value and it definitely makes you feel much better about living in it too! Here are some simple suggestions we have on how to up your home’s curb appeal:


Pretty plant arrangements add so much towards your house’s attractiveness. Go wild with your imagination and add more fresh greenery and flowers around the garden. You can use plants to accentuate doorways and window frames and give off a rather adorable cottage vibe to your home. Making use of hanging planters also makes your home look all the more picturesque!

A Paint Job

There’s nothing more unappealing than seeing cracks running up your walls and faded paint that just dulls the life out of your home. This is a sure sign that you’re in need of a paint job. Available throughout the year, hire these professional residential painters to restore your home to its former glory. You can even go the extra mile and re-paint your front door using a more vibrant colour this time round!


With the right lighting, you can give your home’s exterior an intimate air that will simply draw guests in. We’ve all seen the pictures of simply magical porches and gardens, decked out with lights. This can be your home too! Invest in some pendant lights by the door. Light up your walkways with lanterns or hang up some string lights along the porch.

Outdoor Furniture

You don’t want to clutter your outdoors with too much furniture but it wouldn’t hurt to have a cute, little setup that adds some definite charm to the space. For example, a few rustic stools and a small table decorated with a planter that adds pops of colour would be all you need and more!

Symmetrical Arrangements

While there is some allure to organized chaos, being symmetrical in your arrangements also makes the place more appealing to look at- and is far easier to do. You can achieve this by using matching fixtures or décor, or arranging plants symmetrically etc.

Power Wash

After years and years of living in a home, you can easily become accustomed to the grime that accumulates. But this significantly darkens your house’s exterior so you’ll want to power wash every aspect of your home. From the porch to the walkways and driveway, power wash all that dust and grime away and you’ll be amazed at the difference.


While on the topic of cleaning, you’ll also want to clean your gutters and clear out all the debris regularly. Don’t forget to scrub the outsides while you’re at it however! These will definitely be in need of some TLC too!

Some of these might seem like minute details but trust us when we say that the devil is in those details! You’ll definitely be proud of your home after this simple makeover!

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