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Should You Buy Second-Hand Office Furniture?

Everyone wants to save money. And if you are thinking of saving money on office furniture, you could although you have to remember that office furniture makes your office come together and helps you be productive and enjoy a comfortable work environment. There is office furniture that you could buy second hand but there are some that you must buy brand new.

So, if you are planning to purchase second-hand office furniture, remember the following.

Try It Out

Buying brand new or second hand, you must try it first before you buy it. How would you know if the furniture is comfortable enough to use if you did not test it? How would you know if a table is sturdy enough if you don’t put something on top of it? For drawers and cabinets, open them. Try if the knob or handle is loose.

Check the mechanisms if the drawers are sliding easily or you have to yank it hard for it to open. If the cabinets and drawers are made of wood, check if the wood is damaged or dented. See if there are water stains and if it could be repainted or varnished to make it look like brand new. For little damages, make sure you could fix it or you could get someone to fix it, otherwise, you’d be wasting money. Also make sure that the cost of repairs plus the second-hand price would still be significantly cheaper than a brand new.


Don’t disregard furniture that looks old or grimy. If you are creative and or handy, you could reupholster. Similar to home renovations, reupholstering or upcycling a second hand office furniture could breathe new life to it and no one would think that the tables in the break room are bought second hand and reupholstered.

Buy Brand New If It’s Fabric

For office furniture that includes fabrics, it is recommended that you buy it brand new. This includes swivel chairs, sofas and couches because it could harbor germs, bugs and bacteria that are a health hazard. Sure, it might be expensive but if you buy Brisbane’s best office furniture you’d get your money’s worth. It’s better to be safe than sorry and when it comes to you and your employees’ safety and well-being, you could never be sure. So, for office furniture that has foams and is covered in cloth, choose to buy brand new rather than used.

Choose Hardwood Furniture

Caring for wood would ensure its long life. If you manage to find second-hand office furniture made out of wood, grab them. Furniture made out of maple and oak are durable and they are easy to revamp. You could varnish them again to retain that woodsy appearance or you could repaint them with the colour you prefer.

Don’t forget to drive a large vehicle when you go shopping for second-hand office furniture since there would be no free or cheap delivery. There are stores that could keep your purchases for you for a few days while there are those that would demand you take your furniture the day of purchase.

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