The First Wednesday Page

This page is an extremely humble support page for the "First Wednesday" mailing list.

Here are three maps for the Moon & Sixpence pub, politely "borrowed" from (thanks guys).

The pub, as viewed from a couple of hundred metres up in the air, or with your head about four inches from your UBD.

[ jpg | png ]

The same, with public parking facilities marked.

[ jpg | png ]

The pub from only 100m or so in the air - if you were sky-diving and hadn't pulled the cord by now then I'd say it'd be far too late. Fortunately you will land in the beer garden and a crowd of Guinness drinkers would break your fall. Public parking facilities marked, as well as traffic flow (red arrows) and other things like street names.

[ jpg | png ]

If you have any questions, concerns or nagging doubts that this page has failed to answer, please raise them on the mailing list. Thanks, and see you at the next meeting!

Andrew S.

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