Neep Consulting

This is Neep Consulting's website.

Well, it will be. This page is a placeholder while the full thing
is developed. However, I have a bad track record with placeholder
web pages - rather than get around to developing a proper site I
usually find that the placeholder page evolves into a completely
unexpected site of its own. I intend to avoid that with this one
- wish me luck.

The complete site will go live when it's ready. Currently it's in
CVS. You'll just have to take my word on that. Currently it sucks
but what the hey.

Currently this site is kindly hosted by msquared. His website is
more interesting than this one, but only just. He does have a nice
picture of his car, at least.

What is Neep Consulting?

Neep Consulting is not yet a proper company; at the moment it is
just the business name that Andrew Shugg hides under. Neep
Consulting aims to provide expert Unix and Internet consulting
services in the new millenium.

Neep Consulting is currently looking for a logo. A couple of
really bad ones have been knocked up in The Gimp, but if you
feel inspired to create and submit one, and I like it, you can
have an email address at! How exciting.

Other sites

While you're waiting for this site to happen, you may wish to look at:

Andrew's current web page
Andrew's current web page is found on Omen Internet's web
server. This is where you can find my Guinness page, 4dStunts
page, image gallery, and some other junk.
Jeremy's website
My friend Jeremy's web pages. Worth a look, nice artwork that
he's done, just don't look at the bad photo of me.
Pete's web pages
The web pages of the strange and bizarre man I live with.

Contacting Andrew

Andrew is currently working for CSC Australia in Perth, as a Unix
systems administrator on the AlintaGas facilities management
contract. He is not currently seeking other employment but is
always interested in offers of large amounts of money. He can be
reached in myriad ways:

Office hours - (08) 9429 6415
After hours - 0417 952 353
Send email to
Snail Mail
Write to: Neep Consulting, PO Box 418, Leederville WA 6903
Smoke Signal
Prepare a couple of Flaming Lamborghinis and I am bound to
show up
Carrier Pigeon
Unreliable until I install a bird bath ... maybe later on
in the year

I choose to end this web page now.

Andrew Shugg <>
Last modified: Sat Jan 29 14:04:21 2000
Created on Saturday, January 29 2000.